Nagananda Kodituwakku Biography

Naga, a lawyer by profession in Sri Lanka and Britain is mainly a public interest litigation activist, who fights corruption and lawlessness since the year 2010. His enemies are the corrupt elements who hold public office in all three organs of the government (Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary) and also the person who abuse the office of the Attorney General and the people who hold office in the CIABOC. These people have pledged the sovereign people to perform their respective offices with due regard and respect to the Constitution and law but they habitually do completely the opposite.

This has become a real menace to the entire social fabric taking the Nation down the drain, leaving people with no symbol of hope. Having realized that the Judiciary, that is theoretically required to enforce the people’s judicial power, with no fear or favor but realistically under siege, Naga has decided to come forward with a people-friendly Republican Constitution that would be put to the people for their approval at the 2020 Presidential Election, that guarantee the judiciary absolute liberty protect, vindicate and enforce the sovereign rights of the people without any fear or favor.

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